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ChildcareTennessee, an initiative led by the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, in partnership with the Tennessee Department of Human Services, focuses on collaborative opportunities in our child care centers’ administrative, programmatic and operational services. The partnership’s goal is to improve the quality, accessibility and sustainability of the services offered to the children and families in Tennessee.

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ChildcareTennessee Shared Services seeks to partner child care agency owners and directors with local, regional and national businesses offering products and services to support high quality care and development of children of Tennessee.

Shared Services focuses on finding meaningful cost savings for products and services regularly used by child care agencies.


In partnership with the Tennessee Department of Human Services, ChildcareTennessee has awarded more than $80 million in Support and Enhancement, Supplemental, Establishment and Expansion Grants.

An estimated 171,000 children have benefited from program enhancements because of the Support and Enhancement Grant.

Child care programs and early childhood education professionals — the dedicated people who nurture, teach, and keep children safe day after day — are the heart of that proverbial village throughout Tennessee.

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